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Design for Manufacture. Proactive technical-engineering works that consider product technological requirements and are aimed at optimizing manufacturing functions and assuring quality of the product.


Design for Test. Projecting with application of test structures. It allows to develop and apply different types of manufacturing tests during product development with the aim to detect any defects in manufactured devices.


Design for verification. It is a set of verification methodologies in design that allows developer to create and most effectively verify designed system-on-chips for detection of errors and their elimination.


Design Rule Checking. Design rule checking is applied to define whether the design of a particular schematic circuit, circuit board or chip meets the recommended design rules. Design rule checking is the main phase of design physical verification.


Digital Signal Processor. Specialized microprocessor designed for digital processing of signals. Its architectural peculiarities are: quick execution of operations; quite big capacity of built-in memory; determinate work with known instruction times; quite big pipe length; exotic list of registers and instructions; low power consumption in comparison with equivalent in performance processors of general purpose.

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