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On-Chip Debug is hardware embedded into processor for software debugging. It is one of the most important means of a developer used for debugging embedded systems as they lack input and user interface devices (keyboard, screen, etc.)


Original Design Manufacturer. Companies providing services in manufacturing developed by them products under customer’s trade mark.


Original Equipment Manufacturer. This term is used to refer to a company that buys equipment produced by another company and then resells it under its own trade mark, usually as part of complex equipment it manufactures. However, many disagree whether OEM refers to a company that buys and resells the product, or to a company that originally manufactured the product.


Organic Light Emitting Diode consists of polymers capable of emitting light waves of different colors when electric voltage is fed.

OLED technology is used for manufacturing flat displays for TV-sets, computers, portable devices, light indication and advertising. Its advantages over traditional liquid crystal displays (LCD) are the following: lower power consumption; smaller size and weight; wider viewing angle; there is no necessity of backlights to function; high brightness and contrast; bigger working temperature range; mechanical durability and flexibility.


Operating System. Main type of system software, program system, that provides control over computer hardware, files manipulation, data input/output, and also runs application programs and utilities.


Open SystemC Initiative. OSCI is an independent, non-profit organization that consists of a wide range of companies, universities, specialists and individuals with the aim to support and promote SystemC as an open source standard for system-level design.

SystemC application covers design and verification from concept to implementation in hardware and software.

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