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iButton is an electric device of compact size, designed on the basis of special microchip and produced by Dallas Semiconductor.

It has non-volatile memory and a unique ID. Each such device represents a steel hermetic case, which protects the chip from different weather impacts, mechanical damages, electromagnetic and static fields. The period of data storage in such device is up to 10 years. iButton is widely used in various ID systems.


Integrated Circuit. Electronic scheme of random complexity made on semiconducting crystal (or film/tape??) and placed into solid case. Often integral circuit means crystal itself or tape (film?) with electronic scheme, while microchip (microcircuit??) means integrated circuit included into case.


Industrial Design


Integrated Development Environment. System of software tools used by programmers for software development. Usually development environment contains text editor, compiler and/or interpreter, assembly automation means and debugger.

Sometimes it also contains version control system and various tools to simplify designing of graphical user interface. Many modern development environments also contain class browser, object inspector and class hierarchy diagram – to be used in object-oriented software development.


Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Non-profit international organization for technologies development in electronics. Its members are the most highly-qualified specialists in the world, 360 000 people in 175 countries.

IP Core

Intelligent Property Core. SoC projecting could be impossible, if one had to start every project from the very beginning. SoC projecting depends highly on multiple use of such IP units.

Such approach is one of the key factors in reducing so-called “projecting productivity gap”.


Industrial PC is a special computer or computing platform designed for industrial application in heavy conditions. There are the following types of industrial PCs: dust-protected, water protected, dirt-protected PCs, and also computers able to function in conditions of big temperature falls, electric interferences, etc.


InfraRed Data Association. IRDA is a universal standard for data transmission via IR port.

It designed for connecting two different devices by means of infrared light rays. IRDA is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to transmit data at small range (up to 10 m). It most commonly used for establishing connection between personal computer and peripheral devices.


Instruction-Set Simulator. Industry standard architecture is a computer bus for IBM computers. It was developed in 1981 by IBM as 8-bit expansion bus, then it became 16-bit with the speed 8MHz. Later it was superseded by PCI bus.

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