Design and manufacturing of telecom equipment

Since 2004, Promwad has been helping customers to be on the cutting edge of telecommunication technologies, creating for them new networking devices and software within long-term R&D co-operation models.
We work with manufacturers of telecom equipment, integrators, and telecom operators to create commercially successful network solutions for faster and more accessible broadband Internet for end-users and businesses.
Our clients are companies with many years of experience in telecom, they do not just follow trends of the industry, but also set them through constant innovations and R&D process. To be in the avant-garde, to offer eco-friendly and convenient network devices – not only in terms of technology but also in terms of design – these are the goals set by our customers.
Many of our clients have their own R&D departments and experience with Chinese manufacturers. However, they choose Promwad to take their business to the next level, as they trust our experience in telecom electronics design and partnership with world-leading semiconductor vendors.

Networking hardware and equipment

We design bespoke hardware and network appliances for high-speed data processing:

  1. End-user equipment: CPE, routers, residential gateways, set-top boxes, home networking adapters, wireless AP, and thin clients.
  2. Ethernet switching: stackable and managed access switches, Сarrier Ethernet switches/routers/gateways, security appliances, aggregation switches and routers.
  3. Industrial network equipment and industrial Internet of Things (IoT): switches for industrial process control, transportation and automotive applications, smart grid energy distribution.
  4. Custom FPGA network cards for broadcast video, high-performance computing, AI,  and data-center applications.

Our developments meet high requirements for data network bandwidth capacity.


I want to mention the high level of proficiency of Promwad. They developed excellent technical solutions in full compliance with the specifications. Transparency of company processes made a very favourable impression.

Vladislav Lvov,
Manager of the direction of Locus Pro, LLC

Software development

We develop software for network equipment in compliance with the highest requirements for bandwidth and quality of service (QoS) performing the following tasks:
  • Development of system drivers for network chips, wire and wireless interfaces
  • Optimization of the network stack for a hardware platform
  • Development and upgrade of Linux-based software for L2 switching and L3 forwarding with VLANs, flow control (802.3x), flow/port mirroring, IGMP snooping, GVRP, etc.
  • Design of user interfaces and applications for managing network devices and infrastructures via web GUI, command line interface (CLI), simple network management protocol (SNMP), telnet server, JSON RPC, etc.
  • Development of VoIP solutions, including SIP user agents with hardware-accelerated audio/voice processing
  • Remote desktop software integration: implementation of RDP, Citrix ICA, and VMwareP CoIP protocols
Promwad software engineers have developed system and user software for managed switches with Energy Efficient Ethernet and PoE support, home and industrial routers, hubs, and other network devices.
Our portfolio includes specialized distribution files for VoIP devices, embedded solutions for thin clients and mini-servers. We also developed a full software package for the second commercial plug computer in the world.

Our technology map



  • Ethernet 1G/2.5G/10G/40G/100G
  • WiFi IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ad
  • Bluetooth classic and BLE
  • DECT
  • RapidIO
  • Gh.n


Network technologies

  • Fast-Path network processing
  • Hardware accelerated NAT
  • Linux DSA, distributed switch architecture
  • VoIP and telephony SLIC interfacing, DECT
  • Ethernet packet processing
  • Remote management


L2 & L2+ Linux-based managed switch software:

  • Port speed, duplex mode, flow control, link control, statistics, MIB counters
  • PoE and PoE+ with LLDP
  • Hotplug SFP detection
  • QoS traffic classification, port priority, VCAP (ACL) policers, port egress shaping, DiffServ (RFC2474), hierarchical quality of service (H-QoS)
  • MAC address learning, VLAN, private VLANs, port isolation, MAC-based VLAN, protocol-based VLAN, VLAN trunking, GVRP, MVRP, MSTP, RSTP, STP, loop detection, link aggregation, LACP, IGMP v2/v3 snooping, MLD v1/v2 snooping, DHCP snooping, MVR, port and flow mirroring
  • Ring protection: G.8031, G.8032 v1/v2
  • DHCP option 82 relay, UPnP
  • 802.1X, Radius, TACACS+, MAC-based authentication
  • 1588v2 PTP, NTPv4, peer-to-peer / end-to-end / boundary clock
  • OAM Y.1731
  • MIBs: RFC 2674 VLAN, IEEE 802.1Q, RFC 2819, RFC 1213, RFC 1215, RFC 4188, RFC 4292, RFC 4293, RFC 5519, RFC 4668, RFC 4670, RFC 3635, RFC 2863, RFC 3636, RFC 4133, RFC 3411, RFC 3414, RFC 3415, RFC 2613, IEEE 802.1, IEEE 802.1AB, IEEE 802.3ad, RFC 3621

Semiconductor vendors

Network Protocols



  • Ethernet 1G/2.5G/10G/40G/100G
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac/ad
  • ADSL
  • GPRS/3G
  • USB
  • PCI Express
  • Bluetooth
  • RS-485
  • CAN
  • DECT
  • PON




  • Ethernet II
  • VLAN
  • Q-in-Q
  • ARP
  • PPPoE
  • PPTP
  • HDSL
  • HCI
  • Modbus





  • FTP
  • TFTP
  • SIP
  • SOAP
  • SNMP
  • SSH
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • NTP
  • PTP (IEEE 1588v2)
  • NFS


Network & transport layer

  • TCP/IP (IPv4/IPv6)
  • UDP
  • ICMP
  • IGMP
  • SSL: OpenSSL, axTLS
  • VRRP
  • CANopen
  • T.38 (UDPTL)

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