5D cinema hardware and software complex

We have developed a 5D cinema hardware and software complex at the order of a company which supplies animatronics. The project involved the creation of the product’s concept, the development of circuitry for the new equipment, as well as the design of software and a graphic user interface (GUI). In addition, the engineers had to handle tasks related to an in-depth testing of all system components and prepare a full set of supporting documentation.


5D cinema datasheet

Microprocessor: STM32F103, architecture: Cortex-M3
Spartan3A Series
Effect management
220V, interference-tolerant relay for switching load up to 2 kilowatt
Dynamic platform
3-DOF (3 degrees of freedom), electric
Upward\downward moves
0,2 m
Speed (max)
0,58 mps
Acceleration (max)
0,7 g


Project summary

In the process of developing the 5D cinema hardware-software complex, Promwad experts have performed the following tasks:

— Hardware development
— Software development and testing
— Graphic user interface development
— Prototype manufacturing and debugging


Read about a new application created within this project: a cinema control panel for a 5D movie theatre.