Design of Control Platform for Measuring Devices

Project in Nutshell: We developed a hardware and software platform for measuring devices based on the high-performance STM32H7 microcontroller by STMicroelectronics. This new electronic control device will enable our client to offer flexible customisation and monitoring options. The first batch of 100 devices will be produced at their partner factory in the Netherlands.  

Client & Challenge

A European developer of products in electrical engineering and measurement technology turned to us to design a hardware and software platform to control and monitor a range of their devices in specific environments requiring precise data control and display.


1. Interaction with Client

Three Promwad specialists were involved in the project: a firmware engineer, an electronics engineer, and a PCB designer. 

Interaction with the client was via email and Microsoft Teams (weekly meetings to monitor progress and discuss current issues). We completed the first phase of the project independently and then engaged engineers on our client's side to implement the interaction of our control platform with their devices.

2. Hardware Design & Software Development

We took over the PCB design with the required interfaces and memory blocks and developed software to demonstrate basic control and display functions. 

The device is powered by the STM32H7 MCU by STMicroelectronics, which supports SDRAM and flash memory, ensuring efficient operation and storage capacity for the device's multitasking. We incorporated LIN and CAN interfaces for effortless interaction with various systems and peripherals to facilitate seamless connectivity. 

Also, our engineers implemented LED indication and the ROHM BH1603FVC ambient light sensor with adaptive brightness adjustments for optimum visibility in diverse lighting conditions.  

Enhanced clarity and crisp visuals were provided by the device's 4.0-inch colour touchscreen IPS display. We used TouchGFX, a user-friendly C++ tool, to create responsive graphical user interfaces. 

The device was powered by FreeRTOS. Our firmware engineer developed drivers for the device's components, including SDRAM, flash memory, the display module, and the touch controller.  

Also, the designed hardware and software platform was equipped with speaker control capability that enables audio signal processing through an analogue input audio amplifier, enriching the user experience with high sound quality. 

Business Value 

As a result of the project, our client received a platform for reading and controlling their electrical and measurement products. It underwent preliminary testing for compliance with electromagnetic compatibility standards. 

With the new management platform, our client can reach a new level of interaction with their customers by offering them a range of devices with flexible configuration and monitoring. The first batch will be produced at their partner factory in the Netherlands and amount to 100 units. 

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