Promwad rebranding: growth influenced company style

Promwad, the largest independent electronics design center in the CIS region, has done rebranding. Over ten years of intense growth and development in the electronics and IT market, major changes have been introduced to the company, that are reflected in the company’s corporate identity: now Promwad has a new logo and corporate website, which are designed to increase brand recognizability and demonstrate its new content.

Out of a simple team of engineers and programmers Promwad has grown into an independent design center which provides a full range of services for electronics design, from concept generation to launching the product into mass production in a specified spot of the world. Today Promwad is not just contract development of electronics and embedded software. The company also invests in designing hardware and software platforms (OEM solutions) for the developing market sectors, which it then offers to its customers on various conditions, from licensing to full sale. This business model will enable potential customers to accelerate the implementation of projects, as well as reduce the final cost and time-to-market for a new electronic product.

New Promwad logo after rebranding:
association with electronics market and enhanced recognizability

Roman Pakholkov, CEO and founder of Promwad, explains, “Rebranding is a very important step in the company’s history. It is associated not only with a new external presentation, but also with internal changes. The new basis for Promwad’s development has been a transition to a divisional business structure which will help implement adaptive management and focus on improving the labor productivity of each expert”.

Three divisions have now been formed within the company, which specialize in various projects: electronics design, launching into production and mobile applications development. Promwad’s personnel has grown to over a hundred employees who have implemented more than 200 projects in the field of contract development. Thus, the company offers a full array of services for the electronics and IT market, which enables it to break away from competitors.

Roman Pakholkov continues, “We have changed from technological positioning to industry positioning. Initially, our focus was on the design of electronics based on Linux and SoCs (system-on-chip), but now our goal is to become a major industry player in such niches as consumer electronics, telecommunications, automation and automotive electronics. To do this, we maintain a special focus on working with multinational companies, industry and technology leaders, as well as ambitious startups. Over the first ten years in the market for electronics, we have already been recognized as a leading design house. Now we are pursuing this goal on the world arena”.