The Optimist, the Pessimist, and the Engineer

Every great piece of hardware starts with a customer’s big idea. It’s our job as a professional software & hardware developer to explore customer needs, develop them with our technical and business expertise, and transform that idea into a successfully marketable product, on time, and on budget.

That is why Ivan exactly knows what criteria the glass should meet, no more, no less. :-)

All the elements of your new device must be successfully released in the mass production and be ready to pass all the certifications. To ensure this, we carry out deep hardware simulation and analysis of the following types:

  1. 3D PCB modeling to accurately calculate the size of a printed circuit board and fit it within an enclosure and have a model to conduct a thermal analysis of the product’s hardware.
  2. Signal Integrity Analysis (SI) at the circuit development stage and during PCB design. SI allows diagnosing and eliminating mutual inductance of adjacent conductors, and circuit inconsistency.
  3. Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis (EMC) while checking the electromagnetic compatibility of the PCB layout. This reduces the number of iterations and the testing time during the certification process.
  4. Thermal Simulation: we use it in the enclosure design to estimate ventilation and in the PCB design projects where we deal with high-currents. Our goal is to prevent overheating of a new device, to increase its reliability, and to reduce design time and costs.
  5. Power Integrity (PI) Analysis to simulate power distribution on the PCB. The outcomes of PI are improved power integrity before mass manufacturing, problems detection, reduced number of design iterations, and overall reliability.


If your device needs hardware analysis or PCB simulation, don’t hesitate to contact us. Ensure your product quality with Promwad.