Promwad joins the ranks of Clutch’s 2020 Top product designers

In these changing times when creating hardware and software products it is more reasonable to rely on the expertise of others than to go through a difficult path of mistakes and financial risks on your own, without the support of a reliable tech partner.

After more than a decade in the industry, Promwad is more than aware of the importance of maintaining focus in any kind of project. We’ve always kept our eye on the ball and it’s paid off as Clutch recently named us as one of their picks for the Top Product Design companies for 2020. We ranked 4th out of 15 top product development companies within the Clutch leaders matrix.



Clutch is an online reviews and ratings platform that’s become a go-to resource for B2B service providers to be found by those that need their unique skill sets. The reviews found on their site can quickly elevate an enterprise to become a leading company in their industry.

It’s not hyperbole to say that the words of any single partner can mean a world of difference. This is why we’re always very thankful to all of our former clients who took the time to actually write down reviews and go through that entire process just to make us look good.

When we first received the news of this award, this is what our founder had to say:

"Mutual trust is the most important thing in our work! We believe in the commercial potential and future success of our clients and they in their turn rely on our experience and expertise. This approach has brought us one of the Clutch Global Awards. So this is our common achievement, we did it together with our clients!" 
Roman Pakholkov, a founder and chairman of BoD at Promwad.

We’ve proven our services time and again. But we don’t mind proving ourselves again if you choose us as your design partner. Contact us today and let’s get started on improving your business.