Test frameworks

Linux Test Project is a joint project of SGI, IBM, OSDL and Bull, which provides test suites with a GNU/Linux open source code and includes tools for testing the Linux kernel and related features.

API Sanity AutoTest is a generator of basic unit tests for r a C/C++ shared library API (application programming interface). Its main purpose is to automatically detect critical errors (segmentation fault, etc.) at an early stage in the development of a library. The approach to test generation is based on an analysis of information from the header files of the library and additional information on the semantics of data types.

HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) is one of the leading tools for functional test automation, a major HP product. The VBScript scripting language is used for the development of automated QTP tests.

Monkey is stress testing of Android applications for executing pseudo-random commands.

MonkeyRunner is a tool which provides an API for connecting to a real or virtual mobile device, installing and uninstalling programs, launching programs, taking screenshots and comparing the screen capture images.

Robotium is a test framework which helps write black box Java test cases for Android applications. Testing involves the creation of a standard project to which the Robotium library is added (it uses JUnit3 syntax). A test project can run both on an emulator and the device itself.

Test Management Tool

TestLink is a web-based tool for test execution and management which includes a set of reports and requirements, as well as offers bug tracking system integration.