Zive Dozimeter
Zive app
Zive Dozimeter
Zive app

Personal radiation monitor


Our client is a fast-evolving European company that provides measurement and analytical systems for air quality monitoring. The company operates in environmental technologies, air pollution control, analytical services, consulting and engineering.



To design a portable radiation monitor, paired with smartphones via Bluetooth.



Our team designed a high-precision tool with professional-level features and a user-friendly interface. ZIVE is designed for ordinary users and paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

We realized the following features of the device:

  • Measuring the level of radiation background.
  • Calculating the absorbed radiation dose.
  • Searching for a radiation source.

Besides, we've developed a Zive app with unlimited possibilities. As an app user you may:

  • Evaluate the background radiation.
  • Health and well-being advice.
  • Store data about radiation spots on your routes.
  • Find cleaner and safer route.
  • Create a map of radiation contamination of your neighbourhood.
  • Access the global map of radiation contamination. 



We've designed an end device and a smartphone app for measuring radiation level for numerous application areas: from assessing building materials, medical procedures, antiques, food, fertilizers, to even kitty litter. The product brought along successful sales, thus adding business & commercial value to our client.


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