Cybersecurity: Let’s Meet at It-Sa Expo in Nuremberg, Germany

it-sa – Home of IT Security

From 10 to 11 October, our colleague Dmitry Vinnichek will meet you at it-sa Expo&Congress in Nuremberg, Germany, to discuss your cybersecurity challenges and help you deal with them backed by our engineering team. Here are some typical problems we solve for our clients:

  • To review electronics for hardware backdoors and ensure data protection with vulnerability scanning, traffic analysis, and wireless network testing. More about our SecOps services.
  • To develop new hardware for advanced networking devices focused on security: media converters, switches, Wi-Fi access points, and more. Our portfolio includes the design of a network traffic analyser with the BYPASS function for Treatface.
  • To develop microkernel OS and provide greater security than monolithic kernel architecture.
  • To add a DPI function: we create deep packet inspection solutions for companies that want to control the content of data packets on their networks. Our experience includes the development of content-filtering smart routers. More about our DPI services.
  • To perform penetration and security testing or check your security team's efficiency through controlled and simulated hacker attacks.


Feel free to contact Dmitry Vinnichek to schedule a meeting on 10 or 11 October (Tue — Wed) at it-sa Expo. The experts at Promwad will offer you the optimal solution to your task based on our expertise working with tech companies worldwide.