Remote Control App
Remote Control App

Mobile App for Smart TV (React Native)

The project in a nutshell: We developed a cross-platform mobile application to control smart TVs. Thanks to the React Native framework, we based iOS and Android versions on a single code base written in JavaScript. This approach simplified and accelerated the development project.

▪ Project Overview ▪


A Middle Eastern mobile applications developer. 



The client turned to Promwad to utilise our expertise in mobile and Smart TV app development for the launch of their remote control apps for Android and Android TVs.  
Our engineering team was responsible for developing the mobile application with a remote control module to pair a smartphone and a smart TV turning a mobile device into a user-friendly remote control. 


1. Concept Development 

We included the following functions in the product concept:
  1. Switching the mobile phone into the remote control mode. 
  2. Live events transfer from the phone to the smart TV. 
  3. Communication protocol within a local network – connection via REST and/or WebSocket, with Android TV as a host and a mobile app connected to its IP address. 
  4. Transferrable events, including scrolling, spatial navigation, URL input refreshing, switching between tabs, etc. Further down the road, this list was expanded to include: 
  • cursor and cursor control; 
  • synchronised opening of application elements on both devices; 
  • settings updates; 
  • screen keyboard support on the smart TV; 
  • communication via a third-party internet service. 


2. Software Development 

The second part of our project was dedicated to React Native software development. We enabled the capabilities of an open-source JavaScript framework to design a high-quality, cross-platform mobile app. Applications for iOS and Android platforms were based on a single code base written in JavaScript.  
React Native's extensive library of ready-made UI components allowed us to create a consistent native user interface, providing a smooth and intuitive user experience. React Native development solutions has an option of "hot reload" feature, so our engineers saw changes in real time, speeding up the process and fixing bugs. 
Also, we made several improvements to the remote control module to enhance its functionality. Our team developed a control dispatcher to enable seamless interactions between mobile and TV apps. It allowed for smooth communication and data transfer between the devices.  
Efficient user action transferring was achieved through the implementation of event models. By optimising the process and streamlining user inputs, we ensured a more responsive control system. 
We implemented a local HTTP bridge to support robust communication between the mobile phone and the smart TV. It helps to build reliable inter-device connections. Also, we introduced a pairing mechanism based on QR codes to simplify the setup process between the mobile and Smart TV.  
For enhanced remote connection and data transfer, we integrated a WebSocket mechanism. It brought real-time responsiveness and improved performance of the module. 
The TV application layer was also improved by adding cursor support. This enhancement made navigation and control on the TV screen smoother and more intuitive. 
Performance improvement was our top priority, so we optimised the application to minimise response time, resulting in a snappy user experience. 


Business Value 

Thanks to our custom React Native development services, our client got a cross-platform mobile application.  
The React Native framework allows multi-platform support, including iOS and Android mobile and Android TV. Our client can later refine the app for compatibility with platforms such as LG WebOS and Samsung Tizen.  
Also, the framework accelerated the development process, as we didn't have to write separate codebases for each platform. 
Our team implemented the pairing of mobile phones and smart TVs from anywhere if both devices have an internet connection. As a result, the native-like user interface and improved performance set the application apart from competitors, attracting more users and positioning our client as an innovative solution provider. 


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