4-channel video and audio recorder

By order of the Russian producer of small scale audio/video registration systems we developed a video registration device for digitalization, storage and distribution of audio and video streams on request from 4 analogue sources.

Key characteristics of the 4-channel video recorder

  • CompactFlash built-in drive video recording
  • Video/Audio coding — JPEG2000 + OGG Vorbis
  • Advance architecture of the managing software makes maximal best use of capabilities of the hardware platform (necessary program modules, drivers, user interface are developed).
  • Implemented network control protocol of the video recorder allows using the following functions:
    • Diagnostics and control of video modules, power management
    • Change in record parameters - standards, resolution, chromaticity, etc.
    • Control of file archive, set parameter search
    • Setting the video record quality (D1, QCIF, CIF)
    • Low-bit-rate channel broadcast - in real-time mode or from archive
  • Compact firmware upgrade - only 1,5 MB, together with a U-Boot loader - 2 MB
  • Using a FOSS standard component (freeandopensoftware) — uClinux-dist, ffmpeg and Linux kernel - significantly reduced the term and development cost
  • Long term batch operation of the device and low bit-rate radio channel remote control


4-channel video recorder specifications

Processor Analog Devices BF548 (Blackfin architecture)
Debugging kit ADV202 BF-Expander
OS uClinux-dist - special distributive Linux for built-in systems
Video codec ADV212
Video compression algorithm JPEG2000 (with wavelet technology) - high degree and quality of compression, noise tolerance, video resolution changeability and interframe link nonavailability (frames can be selected from a video stream without any processing)
Audio compression algorithm OggVorbis - effective compression without considerable deterioration of audio quality, small recording volume and patent restraint nonavailability


Project results

In the process of developing the 4th channel video and audio recorder Promwad experts accomplished the following tasks:

— Hardware platform development
— Software development
— Production of device prototypes