Stepper Motor Driver with EtherCAT Support


A European 3D printer manufacturing company.



To design hardware and develop software for a stepper motor driver: from conception to adaptation to mass production.



Promwad engineering team designed hardware and developed software for a stepper motor driver with the EtherCAT support and other features:

  • AC/DC input
  • Anti-high-frequency interference ability
  • Input anti-reverse protection
  • 8 selectable micro-step resolutions
  • 8 selectable output current settings
  • Multi-stepping for smooth motor movement
  • Step & direction (PUL/DIR) control
  • Protections for overvoltage and overcurrent
  • Automatic idle-current reduction
  • Soft-start
  • USB, CANopen, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU 


Business Value

The customer got a stepper motor to drive the hands or joints of their industrial robots. Our client received a product with the necessary features and performance based on the most recent and accessible electronic components, which is particularly important in times of shortages. 

With all the necessary documents in hand and our technical support, our client can select a manufacturer independently or contact us for the contract manufacture of their industrial unit.


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