Access control system reader: development and manufacturing

Commissioned by R.I.S.K. (Azerbaijan) we have developed the design and structure of enclosure for an access control system reader (ACS) and then put the finished product into small-scale production. Our customer have received a shipment of 400 readers compatible with HID R 10 (I class) to be used in the building of the State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ).

Key characteristics of the enclosure designed for ACS readers

  • Simple and laconic style; the enclosure has no visible mounts
  • Our customer’s logo was used as a status indicator
  • Three modes were implemented: standby, access granted / denied
  • Low production costs due to simple and thought out design of the enclosure: a base pad with PCBs and mounts + a double-layered front pad
  • Three types of plastic were used: the first layer of 0.5 mm plastic with high quality polish + the second layer of plastic was coloured in the mass and covered with a black UV paint + the third layer of technological plastic for internal mounting


Project results

In the process of project implementation, Promwad’s experts completed the following tasks:

— Selection of materials for the device enclosure
— Design and structure development
— Prototyping
— Production support: manufacturing of the initial batch (400 pcs.)