ANGA COM 2023 in Köln, Germany: Insights from the Exhibition


From 23 to 25 May, we had two productive days at ANGA COM 2023 in Köln, Germany, engaging with our current and potential customers in the telecom, broadband and media industries.

The head of our DACH office Alexander Worobjow and a tech expert and co-founder of Promwad Ivan Kuten have been exploring the latest trends and the market players' needs. What insights have they shared?

  1. They noticed a high demand for industrial and outdoor network switch solutions, which we can meet with our engineering services as a trusted Microchip design partner. This tech vendor offers a range of solutions from low-port to 24/48 ports with a ready-to-use software stack for fast time-to-market.

  2. Such software platforms and technologies as prplOS, OpenWRT, RDK-B, and WiFi mesh networks were hot topics among CPE vendors. With our deep knowledge and experience in this tech stack, we are well-positioned to be a reliable engineering partner for designing new telecom solutions for our clients.

  3. As usual, the expo was focused on the European telecom market and especially DACH specifics, so there were lots of cables, coax, DOCSIS, RF amplifiers, fibre network planning, etc.

  4. Our experts also mentioned a noticeable trend towards "escaping" from China and exploring alternative manufacturing locations in Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia or low-cost nearshore European destinations. 

Thank you to everyone who met with us during these two busy days to share their plans and business goals. We were especially delighted by our traditional meeting with our longstanding partner Waystream, a manufacturer of gigabit switches from Sweden. We look forward to helping our customers achieve their goals by developing new hardware and software solutions!