Dashcam product development


A European distributor of in-car speed awareness, dashcam security, and audio solutions.



The client turned to Promwad for the dashcam product development. The project included:

  • specification development; 
  • hardware design and software development;
  • enclosure design and prototyping;
  • in-production software testing.



1. Hardware design

We have designed the dashcam hardware with the following features:

  • Ambarella H32AX75
  • 1 GB DDR4 
  • NAND + 2xSDCard
  • GSM/GNSS – Quectel EC25
  • Accelerometer
  • Wi-Fi + BL Combo module
  • Image sensor Sony IMX335
  • M12 Lens
  • Supercapacitor for the power or battery
  • USB type C


2. Software development

The chosen Ambarella hardware platform and its core runs on Linux and Threadx OS.

We designed drivers for peripheral devices and the device’s logic within the project. 

The designed dashcam has no screen, so it works in pair with a smartphone. We made the data streaming from a device to a smartphone possible through Wi-Fi.

One more distinct feature of the dashcam is its capability to operate with a server side. In a user account on the server, it’s possible to watch low-resolution video or download 4k video. Besides, the user can browse their tracks, review risky situations, geo-fence exits, speeding, etc.


3. Enclosure design

We took into account every single client requirement during the enclosure design stage. The prototyping consisted of two iterations:

  1. We printed the prototype on a 3D printer, and checked its assemblability together with the PCBs; we also checked the operation of the antenna.
  2. We produced a sample of the enclosure by milling.



The client received not only a device with a dashcam functionality, but we also added extra features:
  • GPS tracking;
  • server-side data storing;
  • security system function;
  • a warning system for emergencies;
  • lane control feature;
  • sign recognition;
  • car registration stack integration.

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