Onboard multimedia computer

By order of a European systems integrator and a vendor of autoelectronics components we developed an onboard multimedia computer for GPS navigation, calculation of time expenditures when moving on route, management of air conditioning systems, maintenance of an address directory, audio playback from USB drives / iPod. Multilingual voice activation of navigation, radio and audio player is implemented.

Key characteristics of the onboard computer

  • Navigation
    • GPS satellite system support is implemented
    • Route calculation based on a map and road condition data (online updating)
    • Leading on route, movement log  execution (tachograph)
    • Calculation of time expenditures with due account for additional parameters (attaching a trailer or a baggage hold on the top of a car)
    • Predicting a path of a car when backing
    • Handling points of interest (POI): search, description, filtration, upgrading and creating user points
  • Multimedia data handling
    • AM/FM/XM/DAB broadcast support
    • Reproduction of audio streams from CD, USB drives, iPod
    • Support of MP3 and WMA audio formats
  • Control, interface and access setup
    • Multilingual onboard computer voice navigation
    • Interface blocking in attempting to control a computer when moving (speedlock)
    • Support of a personal address directory
    • Multilingual graphical user interface
    • Air conditioning system management


Onboard computer specifications

Global positioning system GPS
Process architecture MIPS
USB 1 x USB 2.0
SD 1 х SD
Components of the device
Embedded unit with CD/DVD-drive 2DIN
Color module TFT LCD 8''
Front panel has control elements
Button module on a control wheel for fast access to voice activation


Project results
Promwad experts developed software to implement necessary functionality of the onboard multimedia computer.