Universal SDR platform

SDR Platform is a universal platform with open architecture for dynamic design of wireless communication systems based on SDR technology (software-defined radio system).

This device was developed by the engineers of Promwad on the basis of the 4-core processor of Texas Instruments TMS320C6674 (1.25 GHz).

Technical specifications

  • Supported communication standards: 802.11 (b, g, n), 802.16,GSM, WCDMA, TETRA, APCO, ZigBee, WiMAX, Bluetooth, OFDM, ISM 2.4, LTE, SISO и MIMO, RFID, DVB, DRM
  • External Interfaces: Serial Rapid IO, SPI, Hyperlink, PCI-e, RS-232, Gigabit Ethernet, SGMII, I2C
  • DAC TI DAC3283 (2-ch, 16 bit, 800 MSPS), ADC TI (2-ch, 14 bit, 250 MSPS)
  • Operating frequency band: 30–4000 MHz – 433–2500 MHz
  • Power output: 250–2000 MW – 100 MW (500 MW optional)
  • Power supply voltage: +5…24 V

Areas of application

  • Video-monitoring and conference systems
  • Digital TV and radio
  • Cellular communications (Smart Grid)
  • Radio-frequency identification scanners (RFID)
  • Multi-sync systems, etc.


  • Simple and effective network
  • Low risks and costs, rapid time to market
  • Ready-made platform for the creation of modern competitive equipment


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