Join Hardware Conference in Niš, Serbia, with Promwad on May 26th (+online)

Hardware Conference in Nis

On Friday, May 26th, there will be a Hardware Conference & Demo at Science and Technology Park in Niš, Serbia. This online and offline event is arranged for professionals in the hi-tech market, including entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, and large technology companies. We will join this event to share our experience and find new partners and potential employees for our engineering office in Niš.

The conference was initiated by Bridgio Tech Accelerator, which supports hardware start-ups and fosters a community of experts in the electronics market in the Baltic States, Poland, and now in Serbia.

The speakers will include representatives of Arrow Electronics, Brose, SENIS Serbia, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), South Central Ventures and Promwad. Our FPGA Engineer Alexandr Geraschenko, who lives and works in Serbia, will talk about our experience in hardware development with a particular focus on FPGA design for future-oriented applications in Automotive, Telecom, Industrial Automation, and others.

This conference is an opportunity for all participants to promote their interests:

  • Start-ups can showcase their product, get advice and find investors.
  • Students and graduates can find an internship or a first job at a promising company.
  • Experienced engineers can join world-class projects and learn about key trends in hardware design.
  • Business representatives will expand their network and find potential partners or future employees.

We aim to participate at the conference to share our experience in advanced hardware design, establish new partnerships and contribute to the local IT community. 

The Promwad engineering office in Niš is almost a year old. We are integrating into the local hardware ecosystem and are open to the following cooperation scenarios:

  1. Universities: opening a lab based on the Faculty of Electronics at Niš University and launching internships for graduates of relevant specialisations.
  2. Technopark in Niš: launching engineering courses supported by the park.
  3. Engineers: hiring local specialists for current vacancies in our company.
  4. Technology companies: establishing partnerships in electronics desiпт and manufacturing.

We look forward to making new contacts. Please feel free to visit the conference in person or join us online!

See you at Science and Technology Park Niš on 26 May (Fri)! Registration and more information about the conference: