Personal GPS navigator with electronic compass

Our engineers have developed a prototype of a compact navigation device which brings the user back to the starting point or a pre-marked location in a coordinate system. The product’s distinguishing features include: low power consumption, ease of use and a low manufacturing cost (about $30 in a batch of 10,000). The device is controlled with two buttons. Information is displayed on a black-and-white LCD screen: cardinal points, direction of movement and distance to a specified point.

The purpose of this development for the customer is the creation of a simple and affordable product for retirees, outdoor enthusiasts, tourists and mushroom pickers for whom the functionality of modern navigation devices is excessive.

Key features of a personal GPS navigator

  • Accurate operation
  • Compact size: it is designed to fit the user’s palm; it can be worn on a string or a bracelet
  • Intuitive use: two control buttons; it needs no preset and uses no digital maps
  • High-capacity battery and low power consumption: automatic shutdown, supply of power to the compass only at the time of measurement, several days of battery life, saving marked points in case of battery replacement 
  • Ergonomic design, enclosure design based on manufacturing technologies


Technical parameters of a personal GPS navigator

GPS module
EB-500 Transystem
Freescale MC9S08QE8
Magnetic sensor
Honeywell HMC1042L Digital Compass
Functional keys
2 pcs.
plastic, rubber grip
78 mm х 57 mm х 26 mm
112 gram


Project summary

The personal GPS navigator with an electronic compass has been developed on a turn-key basis. Promwad experts have performed the following tasks:

— Hardware platform development
— Software development
— Enclosure design and structure
— Product prototyping